About Run Freely

“Run Freely” was founded in 2018 by ESPN journalist Kenny Mayne, along with his wife Gretchen. Kenny suffered a catastrophic ankle injury (fracture dislocation) playing football for UNLV (1980). He spent over two decades walking and running in pain, despite numerous surgeries and physical therapy treatments. It wasn’t until 2017, when he was fitted for what he refers to as the “magic device”, that he almost instantaneously found himself both walking and running pain-free for the first time in twenty years.

Run Freely is incorporated and is a tax-exempt charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The exosym device

In 2009, the Intrepid Dynamic Exoskeletal Orthosis (IDEO*) was built with the goal of reducing pain and restoring mobility to active- duty and retired service members with limb salvage conditions as a way to avoid amputation. The ExoSym device, an evolution of the IDEO, has helped patients all over the world with limb salvage conditions. It has shown to increase dynamics and energy return, giving patients the ability to perform basic activities like running and jumping without pain. Candidates for this device begin an extensive care program that takes place at a specially designed facility in Gig Harbor, WA, which ensures the best possible outcome for the patient’s individual condition and needs. Beginning with a clinical evaluation and fitting process, patients complete an intense training regimen with ongoing adjustments preparing for proper use during everyday and intense physical activities.

how we help

Imagine being told that after years of suffering, there was a device that could vastly improve your quality of life, and perhaps allow you to avoid inevitable amputation. And then imagine being faced with the reality of not being able to afford the expenses that come along with the device.

The average cost of the ExoSym device and the necessary care training program can be more than $10,000. Unfortunately, only approximately 1 of 14 patients will have this expense covered by their current insurance provider. 

Run Freely raises money to help financially support veterans who qualify for this extensive care program, but cannot afford to cover its costs.

veteran outreach

If you are a veteran who has qualified to participate in an extensive care program for the ExoSym Device and need financial assistance, please contact us directly.